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MetaCommerce Solutions

1. AI Avatar


AI Avatar Solutions

Revolutionizing Interaction with Virtual Brilliance

Dive into the future of digital interaction with We Are ACT Global’s AI Avatar Solutions. Experience unparalleled customer service, content creation, and educational tools powered by cutting-edge AI Avatar technology.

User cases

Customer Service:

Enhance user experience with 24/7 available AI Avatar assistants, capable of handling multiple inquiries simultaneously with precision.

Content Creation:

Craft unique and captivating content with virtual influencers, perfect for social media campaigns and brand promotions.

Education & Training:

Deploy AI Avatars for educational platforms, providing students with interactive and engaging learning materials.

Step into the Future of Interaction with AI Avatars!
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2. Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D solutions

Augmented Reality Solutions

Blending Digital Innovation with Physical Reality

Discover the transformative power of Augmented Reality with We Are ACT Global. Our AR solutions seamlessly integrate digital information with the physical environment, enhancing user experiences across various applications.

User cases


Empower customers with the ability to 'try before they buy', visualizing products in their space, leading to informed and confident purchase decisions.


Create interactive marketing campaigns that resonate with audiences, providing additional product information and engaging visual elements through AR.


Develop engaging in-store or mobile AR games that promote your brand, products, or services, fostering a fun and interactive customer experience.

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